Duas opiniões

Dois artigos do NYT sobre as reviravoltas da campanha norte-americana:

There are plenty of racists still lurking among us, and they’ll no doubt be agitated by the Obama phenomenon. But it would be hard for anyone to make the case that the U.S. as whole has not become less racially prejudiced over the past several years. Implicit in Mr. Obama’s message of healing and reconciliation is the promise of further progress on this once intractable front.

Senator Clinton’s candidacy is also historic — and emblematic of change. Misogyny still permeates most aspects of society, but there aren’t many people willing to step up and make the case that a woman cannot lead the nation.

If there is a theme running through the nominating process of both parties, it’s the idea that voters are fed up with the con, with the phony, plastic, programmed politicians who are obsessed with power and contemptuous of the real concerns of ordinary men and women.

Mais aqui. Excelente título, por sinal “Striding past the Cynicals”

Both Barack Obama and John McCain attract independents. Both have a candor that appeals to voters and media-types alike. Both ask their audiences to serve a cause greater than self-interest. Both offer a politics that is grand and inspiring.

But they are very different men. Their policies obviously conflict, but their skills, world views and moral philosophies set them apart, too. One man celebrates communitarian virtues like unity, the other classical virtues like honor.

Artigo completo, aqui.


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