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Mais pesquisas sobre a eleição democrata, vejamos:

NBC: Obama 943, Clinton 895 (sem superdelegados)

ABC: Clinton 1,127, Obama 1,110.

CBS: Obama 1,134, Clinton 1,131.

AP: Clinton 1,136, Obama 1,108.

CNN: Clinton 1,148, Obama 1,121.

Interpretação do Talking Points Memo, é um sinal vermelho prá Hillary:

If tomorrow’s Potomac Primary goes especially well for Obama, he could take a full lead in all calculations, including super-delegates.

Enquanto isso, que tal ler entrevistas com os candidatos democratas?

LEON HARRIS: You know, we opened up our e-mail files to allow others to send in their questions. A lot of Politico readers couldn’t wait to comment and ask you a question. So we have quite a few from them. And we did select them in advance of this evening and we have to admit, in the interest of full disclosure, we did a Google check on this one after we had selected the question and found out that she is an Obama supporter. [Clinton laughs.] However, it is a good question and so we’re going to ask it anyway. This comes from Politico reader Deborah … of Bettendorf, Iowa, and she says that transparency is something I want to see in the next administration. Vice President and President Bush were famous for making deals behind closed doors and affected all of us. How can we believe that you are not going to do the same if you do not do something as simple as release your tax returns? That is a question, I must say, that came up over and over again as we took in some 300 pages of questions.

SENATOR CLINTON: Well, the Obama campaign is telling people to send in that question. I’ve said that I’m going to release my tax returns when I’m the nominee. My entire ethics statement is on record at the Senate. I liquidated all of my holdings. I’m holding everything in cash so that there’s not even a question of conflict. But transparency is an important issue. And it doesn’t only go to your personal finances but, you know, Senator Obama has some questions to answer about his dealings with one of his largest contributors, Exelon, a big nuclear power company. Apparently he cut some deals behind closed doors to protect them from full disclosure in the nuclear industry. So I just think that we need to get more information out so people are not driven by campaigns with partisan advantage but actually look at both of our records and really, you know, look at the comparisons and contrasts.

Hillary na Politico.com .

JH: Still, at the end of the days there’s a choice between you and Sen. Clinton among Democrats, you recently insisted that Sen. Clinton should release her tax record. Now there have been some stories in the media lately about some of Bill Clintons’ business dealings. It sounds like you’ve got some very specific concerns about the Clintons’ finances. What are they?

BO: You know, I did not insist that they release their finances. Reporters asked me, “What about the fact that Sen. Clinton has put $5 million into her campaign?” I said, “Well look, I don’t have $5 million to put in.” I think she has every right to spend her own money. They asked then, do you think they should disclose their finances? What I said was, all I’ve said is I’ve released my income tax returns. Because I think it is appropriate, for people running for the highest office in the land, for people to have a sense of how you make your money. Now, I think it’s up to Sen. Clinton and President Clinton to determine whether they want to follow my lead on it.

JH: Are there some things you would like to know about how they’ve made their money?

BO: It’s not a question of what I want to know. It’s a question of what the American people deserve to know, which is how people’s finances are handled . This has been a longstanding tradition in presidential politics – like releasing your medical records – it’s part of the basis on which people make a determination about how you’re going to perform as president.

Obama na Politico.com .


Em resumo: Fogo amigo é apelido.

Enquanto isso, os republicanos comemoram que tem um candidato que pode, bem, ganhar a eleição – mas parece não conseguir o apoio da ala neo-pentecostal do partido.


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