Still loathing

Da Slate:

The most revealing aspect of the Wisconsin vote was how Obama continued to take away voters from Clinton’s base, which could spell trouble for her in the Texas and Ohio primaries on March 4. The candidates pretty much split the votes from women, while Obama had a significant advantage among men. Also, Obama defeated her by a wide margin among voters with incomes of less than $50,000 as well as those without college degrees, two groups that had been essential to Clinton’s past victories. Slate‘s John Dickerson says that by winning “in every key geographical area and across racial and gender lines” Obama has proved that “he is not just the boutique fascination of young people and wealthy elites.”

Complemento com o Post:

If the Wisconsin campaign was any indication, the next two weeks could be the most negative of the Democratic race. The Clinton team has seized on a series of issues and Obama statements to challenge his readiness to be president and his credibility as a candidate. Obama has not shied from firing back, using his stump speeches to issue pointed rebuttals of Clinton’s criticism and airing response ads to her television commercials, while his advisers have sparred with Clinton’s in a flurry of daily conference calls and press releases.


As chances da Hillary tem diminuído exponencialmente com cada vitória do Obama, e mesmo eu, que acho a Hillary uma candidata melhor, tenho ficado preocupado com os meios que a Hillary tem usado; que certamente não ajudam na eleição democrata. Os democratas têm que ganhar esta eleição, e se eles desviarem o foco da eleição de novembro para as primárias de abril, eles certamente vão perder a eleição final para o McCain.

Inclusive, depois das últimas atitudes, eu estou bastante certo que a Hillary perde para o McCain por uma margem até significativa. Principalmente porque tudo indica que a Hillary só ganha esta primária se for na marra.

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  1. Dorisix disse:

    Amazing post.., guy

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