Pavement::Here; In the mouth a desert

Pavement > Pixies

O vídeo é tenebroso. Mas a música é primorosa.

and all the sterile striking it defends
an empty dock you cast away
and rain upon your forehead
where the mist’s for hire if it’s just too clear
let’s spend our last quarterstance randomly
go down to the outlet once again

painted portraits of minions & slaves
crotch mavens and one act plays
are they the only ones who laugh?
at the jokes when they are so bad
and the jokes they’re always bad
but they’re not as bad as this

come join us in a prayer
we’ll be waiting waiting where
everything’s ending here

Totalmente emulando o Thurston Moore, o Malkmus neste clipe.

can you treat it like an oil well
when it’s underground, out of sight?
and if the sight is just a whore sign
can it make enough sense to me?

pretend the table is a trust knot
we’ll put our labels down, favors down
i’ll watch some yards of twine unravel
and you’ll never get it back

Sei lá, passei a tarde ouvindo este cd hoje, e resolvi que valia a pena atormentar a minha meia duzia de leitores com isso. :)

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