Hillary e o Feminismo

A Lynda Obst, lá no huffington post, tem uma crônica excepcional sobre a Hillary e sobre o status das mulheres na política americana:

But Hillary? Never liked her. Many of my best friends and favorite women have always felt the same. Something unsettling about her. A feminist? Maybe. But a compromised one, having risen to fame as the victim of Monica and having been famously on bimbo eruptions in her White House patrol. She was the destroyer of Paula Jones and Gennifer Flowers, the very blue collar ladies she is now being saved by. Kind of yucky, really. And hanging in there, through all the humiliation, and that making her a star. Left a bad taste in my mouth. Moving on.

What about my generation’s desperation that there will never be another female candidate? Why? Is our gender about to die out? Do you all know something I don’t? I can understand the 80-year-olds, I guess. But to me, Hillary Clinton is merely the first credible candidate, and the most flawed. And the only one not to rise on her own coattails, which is the real reason she doesn’t appeal to both me and many young, yes, in their own way, feminists. And what about Claire McCaskill? She’s great! And she just emerged this year! Why do we act like Hillary is our last great chance? How damaged and pathetic. I see fantastic women in their 30s all the time. To wit, Chelsea’s undamaged generation. Not polarizing, like us ceiling crashers. I can sympathize, I am, too.


I hate when women identify as victims, act like victims, and love victims. And Hillary, as strong as she is, wins as a victim. That is the trajectory of her career. I am a victim. Punch. So why are women whining and the identifying with being the victim again? This is so un-Tina! Hillary was the victim of an oppressive media? Of being asked the first question? Poor baby. All that good coverage on Obama was about being the victor of 11 primaries in a row — excuse us! And is Barack playing the victim of a real calumny? On Clinton’s answer to the known question: “Are you a Muslim?” “Not as far as I know?” Are you not ashamed?

Altamente recomendável.

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