68 all over again

Consider the stunning parallels between the contest for the Democratic Party presidential nomination in 2008 and the same contest 40 years earlier in 1968, which ended in a party divided. Both contests feature insurgent political campaigns, and the catalyst for the insurgency in both cases is opposition to an unpopular and misconceived war: in 2008 in Iraq, in 1968 in Vietnam.

In both contests, there are senators from Midwestern states: in 2008, Barack Obama from Illinois; in 1968, Eugene McCarthy from Minnesota. Both candidates denounce the usual ways of doing business in Washington and call for a new politics.

No Huffington Post.

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2 Responses to “68 all over again”
  1. Vica disse:

    A história se repete sempre, não é o que dizem?

  2. Tati disse:

    Sim, dizem. Marx disse.

    “A história se repete, a primeira vez como tragédia, a segunda como farsa”.

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