RBS Mente, Obama na Frente!

Desculpa aí, reflexo condicionado.

Enquanto isso, o Fleetwood, no Huffington Post, tá perguntando porque a pressa em acabar com as primárias:

Are Republicans more afraid of Clinton than of Obama?

Among unaffiliated voters, 30% say Clinton should drop out, while 25% say the same about Obama.

The pundits have been touting the sudden rush by Obama supporters — Pat Leahy, Chris Dodd, and others — for Clinton to drop out of the presidential race — no surprise here — but most voters want to see how it will play out.

A solid majority of Democrats, 62%, aren’t ready for either candidate to leave the race. Nationally, Clinton and Obama are running essentially even, according to likely Democratic Primary Voters in the Rasmussen Report’s daily Presidential Tracking Poll.

Obama supporters are trying to sell the line that the race is over — and create a self-fulfilling prophecy, with Clinton monies and support drying up. It’s a good strategy if you are scared that something will come up and sabatoge Obama’s campaign.

No question Clinton is a long shot, maybe 20% according to the political trading markets, but the possibility is there.


If Clinton runs the table, wins Pennsylvania by 60%, and wins (or comes real close) in North Carolina and Indiana — and with voters in Florida and Michigan counted — her large popular vote majorities will be hard to ignore, which is what Obama fears.

Bottom line, if the Democrats stand to lose Florida and Ohio and Arkansas because Obama is at the top of the ticket, the Superdelegates will have hard thinking to do if they want a Democrat in the White House next year.

Íntegra aqui.

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