Vovô Simpson para presidente!

Matéria da The New Republic, gigantesca, sobre o McCain:

In politics, there’s only one thing worse than being accused of schtupping a lobbyist: being accused of leaking the story of said schtupping to The New York Times. It was the latter accusation that John Weaver faced in February, after the Times published its front-page article on the “close bond” between John McCain and Vicki Iseman. And the circumstantial evidence against Weaver did seem rather damning. First, there was motive: Weaver was McCain’s top strategist for nearly a decade, until he quit last year after his rival, Rick Davis, was appointed campaign manager. Second, there were fingerprints: Weaver had given the Times one of its only on-the-record quotes–telling the paper about a 1999 meeting with Iseman in which he warned her to stay away from McCain. And so, on the morning of the Times story, some McCain backers allied with Davis fingered Weaver as the Judas who had betrayed McCain, and their accusation soon echoed across blogs and cable news. […](…) McCain has been running for president now for the last ten years, and, for much of that time, his advisers have been battling one another. More often than not, McCain has refused to play referee. The fundamental schism that McCain has been unable–or unwilling–to mend has been between the McCainiacs loyal to Weaver and those loyal to Davis. Weaver, a laconic Texan, first got to know McCain when he was working for Phil Gramm’s ill-fated 1996 presidential bid, which McCain supported during its brief existence. Weaver came away from that experience convinced that McCain was the one of presidential timbre and, eventually, convinced the Arizonan of that. In the process, he developed an allegiance that, in some McCain supporters’ views, is almost too intense. Not only a Washington outsider but an outsider even in Texas–where he famously clashed with Karl Rove–Weaver found stability in McCainland. For nearly a decade, he was a constant presence at McCain’s side, traveling with him not only to offer political advice but to straighten his hair or help him perform the other tasks that McCain can’t do himself owing to the injuries he suffered in Vietnam. McCain, for his part, dubbed the mordant Weaver “Sunny.” “Weaver sees McCain as a dad and has a really heavy connection to him that isn’t the conventional staffer-senator relationship,” says one McCain friend. “It’s not just that he admires him for his service in Vietnam. It’s so much more than that, so much deeper.”

Importante se informar sobre o homem, afinal de contas, ele começa a mostrar porque era o candidato que os democratas mais tinham medo de enfrentar. Conforme a NBC:

Republican Sen. John McCain has erased Sen. Barack Obama‘s 10-point advantage in a head-to-head matchup, leaving him essentially tied with both Democratic candidates in an Associated Press-Ipsos national poll released Thursday.

Ainda acho que o fator salvador para os Democratas vai ser a idade do McCain, e a possibilidade dele continuar falando merda sobre o Iraque e o Irã de forma descontrolada.

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