Fui ali me enforcar

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Genocide: Who Cares?; Venezuela: Hugo Chavez’s Black Magic
Episode Number: 609

It is a recurring theme throughout history — one group killing thousands, millions, because of their religion or ethnicity. Always necessary are the silent onlookers, who do little to stop it. Why are we so slow to react to genocide? Why don’t we care? One scientist is trying to answer that question, and figure out what to do about it. Next, HDNet World Report takes viewers deep inside a secret world in Venezuela showing how President Hugo Chavez mixes a brew of government handouts, superstition and religion to extend his anti-US influence throughout Latin America.


Coisa mais ridícula de todos os tempos.

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One Response to “Fui ali me enforcar”
  1. Virgula disse:

    Hugo Chavez é um necromante!

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