Hillary 2012

Hillary Clinton is now exhibiting those leadership qualities. In rejecting the chorus of demands that she get out of the race, she is acting as any leader would. Take a tour of statues throughout the world, and, while you will find monuments to plenty of historical figures who lost battles, you will find none to “A Gracious Loser.” As Vince Lombardi or Leo Durocher — both famous for mythical statements about winning and losing — could have told you, there is no such thing as a gracious loser. You lose hard. You lose tough. You lose only when you are beaten.

In the end, no one begrudges a bitter-ender. Robert E. Lee is not vilified because he fought on too long, wasting lives — and all of it, mind you, in the cause of slavery. In Israel, Masada is venerated because the zealots held out and killed themselves rather than surrender. Thermopylae is not considered a defeat but a lesson to us all: Never give up!

This is precisely what Hillary Clinton is doing. She is staying in the race because losing comes soon enough, anyway, and life teaches that anything can happen. Sure, she’s hurting the Democratic Party a bit, and, sure, she’s inflicting some damage on Barack Obama. He will not only hear echoes of Clinton’s attacks out of the mouth of John McCain, but on the Internet and elsewhere they will be recycled so that Clinton herself will be the attacker. Nothing dies on YouTube.

Esta eleição tá perdida, é claro, para a Hillary. O que não impede ela de continuar tentando até 2012. E é por isso que a probabilidade dela ser a vice com o Obama é muito próxima de zero.

Esta matéria do Cohen, no Washington Post, dá um pouco das razões da Clinton para continuar no pleito, e também como isso pode repercutir – especialmente se o Obama perder em novembro.

Enquanto isso, o Obama pode fechar o número mágico de delegados hoje, o que não implica em coisa alguma para a Hillary, que parece que vai continuar correndo até cansar – mesmo que todo mundo diga para ela sair.

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