Lieberman e McCain, mas porque, exatamente?

A New York magazine responde, sem muitas delongas.

Nothing in Joe Lieberman’s long and placid career—a respected attorney general in Connecticut, a centrist Democrat on the Senate floor, Al Gore’s high-minded running mate—could have presaged his current status: an apostate to his party and perhaps the most hated politician in the United States. Some days it seems like McCain himself doesn’t trigger as much vitriol from the left. The rancor between Lieberman and the Democratic-party elders has been amassing since at least 2006, when the senator “refused to crawl away and die,” in the words of a friend, after losing the Connecticut Democratic Senate primary to the upstart Ned Lamont and instead ran, and beat Lamont, as an independent. Some place the beginning of the end still further back, in 2004, when Lieberman’s pro-war presidential bid found no purchase with the party’s base, then at the apex of its anyone-but-Bush fury. There is no question, however, when the end of the end arrived: on December 17, 2007, when the senator, still caucusing with Democrats, threw his support in the 2008 presidential race to John McCain. Now, with his opening-night speech at the GOP convention approaching and Election Day just over two months away, Lieberman is poised to become a major spoiler for the Democrats, delivering votes in at least one critical swing state (he’s been trolling Florida for Jewish support) and bolstering McCain’s centrist appeal nationwide. In a year when Congress is all but certain to tip to the left no matter who wins the White House, Lieberman’s decision to abandon his party and back McCain is, depending on whom you ask, a bold stroke of political principle or a suicidal act of revenge.

Por sinal, se de fato a chapa for McCain-Lieberman, as piadas com vovô simpson poderão ser feitas em dobro.

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