Eu sabia

Now, this is the novel element in the reading of time in Schelling as opposed to the monistic reading. It is true that Spinoza already speaks that all we have is had in relation to a kind of Eternity. But Eternity is not in movement for Spinoza, and it is in constant struggle for Schelling. There is indeed a sense of externality within Eternity itself, such is the force of expansion. In the time of revelation our representations of the World are in reference to this ever-grounding struggle of contraction and expansion. But the decision on Life, on Existence, is ever haunted by its negation which grounds Existence. This negation is Death, and is experienced by a deep sense of despair. Life in revelation is marked by this struggle of despair and love, for the human race in the radical decision between the reality of despair and the reality of love.

But love is an expansion, it is an affirmation against the grouding despair of Non-being, and all experience of love is hence an experience of pathos, of a suffering that one decides to confront with love. It is by fear that wisdom is possible.

Que minha dissertação ia acabar servindo para alguma coisa além de peso de papel na biblioteca da puc. Eu sabia!


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