Levinas em dois tempos

Contra Husserl:

[T]his moral experience, so commonplace, indicates a metaphysical assymetry: the radical impossibility of seeing oneself fromthe outside and of speaking in the same sense of oneself and of the others, and consequently the impossibility of totalization –  and, on the plane of social experience, the impossibility  of forgetting the intersubjective experience that leads to that social experience and endows it with meaning (as, to believe the phenomenologists, perception, impossible to conjure away, endows scientific experience with meaning).


Com Hegel:

[I]nteriority is the very possibility of a birth and a death that do not derive their meaning from history. Interiority institutes an order different from historical time in which totality is constituted, an order where everything is pending, where what is no longer possible historically remains always possible. The birth of a separated being that must proceed from nothingness,absolute beginning, is an event historically absurd. So also is the activity issuing from a will which, within historically continuity, at each instant marks the point of a new origin. These paradoxes are overcome by the psychism.

TI, 55-56

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  1. Renata disse:

    tem revisão gramatical no teu texto sobre as eleições, la no blog “brasiu”… sifff… e em fui eu… snifffffff

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