Tugendhat , Heidegger and the quote of the year

The fact that Heidegger still retained the concept of truth (thought in the illusive mode suggested) can be regarded as evidence that even his derationalized conception continues to be imperceptibly sustained by a relation to reason. The consequences of this derationalized conception of choice and the derationalized concept of truth, however, can be given in a speech that Heidegger gave in November 1933. The speech was given in support of Hitler prior to the national referendum on Germany’s withdrawal from the League of nations. It begins in this way: “The German people are called upon to choose by their leader [Fuhrer]. But the leader does not demand anything of the people; rather, he offers the people the immediate possibility of the supreme free decision: whether the people as a whole will claim their own Dasein, or whether they will fail to claim it.  tomorrow the people choose nothing less than their future.”. And then, it continues: “What kind of an occasion is this? The people recover the truth of their will as Dasein, for truth is the disclosure of what makes a people certain, clear and strong in their acting and knowing.” These quotes indicate that Heidegger’s Nazism was no accidental affair, but that a direct path led from his philosophy – from his derationalized concept of truth and the concept of self-determination defined by this – to Nazism. Nonetheless, we would be relinquishing philosophical insight if we did not want to learn what we can from Heidegger for this reason. the point is to recognize precisely the position that led to irrationalism, and not to throw the baby out with the bath water.

Tugendhat. Self-Consciousness and Self-Determination. p. 217-8.

Traduzo se tiver tempo, depois.


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